Ranking 3 best tight end fits for Chicago Bears in 2023 NFL draft

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
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The Chicago Bears added Robert Tonyan to join Cole Kmet, but they still need depth at the position. Jake Tonges and Chase Allen were UDFAs last year, and while both showed some life, we saw with Jack Sanborn that the team is not afraid to bring in more competition.

Still, with that in mind these are not the best three tight ends in the draft, but more the best fits for the Chicago Bears. That includes the thought that this will be a number three tight end next year, and the Bears likely will not start to look at these names until day three.

3. Chicago Bears could consider Davis Allen

Davis Allen is the definition of a guy who does a little bit of everything well but does not quite have a stand-out trait. He had been in the mix as a depth option during his sophomore and junior seasons, but he doubled that production in his Senior season. This got Davis Allen an invite to the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine.

He is a sound overall athlete but does not blow you away. Beyond that, he is more of a reliable blocker than a seam stretcher in the passing game. Still, he is reliable with his hands. There is not a lot of flash to his game, but because of his blocking and reliable hands, the floor is higher than some.

While others may be taking home run swings on day three, the Chicago Bears can find a reliable number three tight end. He would immediately come in and be able to beat out Jake Tonges, and make the roster. His blocking can also help free up the top two tight ends as pass catchers. This is an interesting player to look into.