Ranking 3 best tight end fits for Chicago Bears in 2023 NFL draft

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Chicago Bears, Brayden Willis
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2. Chicago Bears could find a versatile gem in Brayden Willis

Brayden Willis is an interesting prospect, and it would make sense for the Chicago Bears to have an interest in him. Willis did not do much for four seasons but put up 503 yards in his fifth season with the Oklahoma Sooners.

What is interesting about Brayden Willis is how the Sooners used him. He spent time in the slot, in-line as a tight end, and even in the backfield as an h-back type. That is why Luke Getsy and the Bears may like him.

They kept Khari Blasingame but did move on from Trevon Wesco, who played a similar role when he was in college. The Chicago Bears did not get far enough into their offense to explore more, but it seemed they wanted to interchange Blasingame to tight end, and Wesco into the backfield at times. With Willis, they can continue to go down this path.

The fact that is partly a full back and partly a tight end, and his most limited game is pass catching will push him to day three with ease. Still, a blocker who can play three spots on offense gets a roster spot, and the Chicago Bears need a third tight end to fill out their 53-man roster. This fit makes sense.