Ranking the top 20 prospects the Bears must have on their big board pre-Combine

Ryan Poles is creating his big board for the 2024 NFL Draft. The Chicago Bears own two picks in the top 10 and here are 20 prospects to consider.

Chicago Bears, Drake Maye
Chicago Bears, Drake Maye / G Fiume/GettyImages
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We are less than two months away from the 2024 NFL Draft. We just witnessed two teams built two different ways in the Super Bowl. One team has arguably the best quarterback we have seen since Tom Brady. The other had Mr. Irrelevant. The Chicago Bears need to find a way to build the team's roster in such a way that the franchise finds sustained success and not just single-season success followed by years of mediocrity or worse.

Ryan Poles told fans at the beginning of his tenure that he plans to build through the draft and talked about how it will take time and they need to be patient. We are now heading into Year 3 and I think the 2024 season will be the springboard that tells us if Poles and the Bears are on the right path or not. Winning only three games in the first year of Poles' tenure makes sense based on how he tore the roster down to the studs. The team followed that up with seven wins, despite losing a few they shouldn't have and missing the playoffs. Poles likes what he saw from the continuity Matt Eberflus brings and the two of them are looking to build on the 2023 success.

The clear way to help build this team up is to continue to build through the draft. If I were on Ryan Poles' staff, I'd be advocating for these players to be selected in the first round. These are not necessarily the top 20 prospects in the draft, but these are the top 20 prospects that make sense for the Chicago Bears in 2024. Remember, they own the first-overall pick and the ninth-overall pick.