Ranking the top 20 prospects the Bears must have on their big board pre-Combine

Ryan Poles is creating his big board for the 2024 NFL Draft. The Chicago Bears own two picks in the top 10 and here are 20 prospects to consider.

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Bears, Caleb Williams
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2. Caleb Williams, QB - USC

Despite Marvin Harrison, Jr. being in a tier by himself in my rankings, it doesn't take long for Caleb Williams to show up. I am a fan of Justin Fields, but there are things that Williams does that set him apart as a prospect from Fields. Williams has a faster release and better movement within the pocket. He also has better anticipation. This is shown by the number of games in college that Williams threw for over 300 yards compared to Justin Fields.

In 22 games, Fields had seven games with over 300 passing yards. Williams on the other hand has thrown for over 300 yards 15 times in 32 games — including four games of over 400. Furthermore, if we lower the threshold to 275+ yards, Williams hit that mark 20 times in 32 games. Fields only did this nine times in 22 games. We are obviously only looking at passing yards here, but that's because that is the area Fields has struggled with to this point in his NFL career. Looking at passing touchdowns, Justin Fields finished with 3+ TDs in 12 of 22 games, while Caleb Williams finished with 20 in 32 games. Another nod to Williams.

The lazy comp for Caleb Williams is Patrick Mahomes. To be honest, I see more of Kyler Murray than Mahomes. However, I think Williams has the ability to put his own stamp on things and truly succeed. He has a very high ceiling and should have a solid enough floor. If all goes well, people will be comparing him to no one other than himself. He has the potential to be "that" good. My only true fears are his size and the way he runs with the football — tuck that thing!