Ranking the top 20 prospects the Bears must have on their big board pre-Combine

Ryan Poles is creating his big board for the 2024 NFL Draft. The Chicago Bears own two picks in the top 10 and here are 20 prospects to consider.

Chicago Bears, Drake Maye
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Bears, Joe Alt
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3. Joe Alt, LT - Notre Dame

What can I say? I think it's known that I have a bit of a bias when it comes to Notre Dame prospects. That said, I don't think Alt being in this spot should be surprising. Well, maybe because these are Chicago Bears rankings and not general rankings. However, I do find the idea of upgrading left tackle exciting. This isn't to say that Braxton Jones isn't more than capable to be a starting left tackle in the league, but Alt looks the part of a perennial All Pro.

Alt is easily the best LT prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft. I have him in the same tier as Caleb Williams. Alt stands 6'8" and weighs in at 315 pounds. He is already stronger than Braxton Jones and is able to hold his own due to a great anchor. He is lean at 315 pounds while standing as tall as he is. This gives him the ability to move quickly — even laterally.

Joe Alt has great explosiveness off the line. His hand-fighting techniques are top of the line. His ability to mirror defenders is something Braxton Jones will never be able to match. Alt is a balanced pass-blocker and run-blocker. He brings a mauler mentality and is exactly what Ryan Poles looks for in a prospect.