Ranking the top 20 prospects the Bears must have on their big board pre-Combine

Ryan Poles is creating his big board for the 2024 NFL Draft. The Chicago Bears own two picks in the top 10 and here are 20 prospects to consider.

Chicago Bears, Drake Maye
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Bears, Drake Maye
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4. Drake Maye, QB - UNC

Spoiler alert — Drake Maye and Caleb Williams are the only quarterbacks in my top 20. If you are hoping to see the names Michael Penix, Jr., Bo Nix or Jayden Daniels, you will be highly disappointed. None of them are good enough prospects to make me want to move on from Justin Fields. I can get behind the decision of doing this when Maye and Williams are involved, but none of the other 2024 QB draft class.

I am lower on Caleb Williams and higher on Drake Maye than most. I have both in the same tier. Marvin Harrison, Jr. is in a tier by himself, followed by a tier that consists of Caleb Williams, Joe Alt and Drake Maye.

Maye and Williams are very different types of quarterbacks. Maye is more of an in-the-pocket type of passer. He does a good job extending plays by moving within the pocket rather than trying to escape. Don't think he can't escape and make plays with his legs or arm when plays become unscripted because he has some sneaky maneuverability to him. Maye has a big arm and can make throws at every level, although inconsistent at times when throwing beyond the 20. Maye will sometimes turn the ball over or make risky throws when under pressure — slow to make decisions at times too.

None of these quarterbacks are perfect prospects, but both Maye and Williams have high floors with exceptionally high ceilings. Would you feel comfortable with the Bears trading back one spot with the Commanders, netting more draft capital, and selecting Drake Maye — another UNC QB?