5 realities Chicago Bears fans must accept after blowout loss to Los Angeles Chargers

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Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Chargers, Tyson Bagent, D'Onta Foreman
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4. Tyson Bagent is going to be a backup quarterback in the NFL

The Chicago Bears probably have something in Tyson Bagent. However, while fans wish that meant that they found the next TB, who is an elite quarterback, the reality is that they probably found a quality backup quarterback. Bagent is a UDFA who lacks some physical tools, and he went to such a small school for a reason.

Still, he can be successful in the NFL because he gets the ball out quickly and has enough accuracy to make solid passes. The issue is that he is much better as a game manager than a playmaker. We saw this tonight. In both games, he threw for about 170 yards. However, in the Raiders game, the run game was working and the team had a lead. He steered the boat to shore. In the Chargers game, he had to push the football down the field and make passes that kept his team in a high-scoring game. He came soaring back down to reality with a tough interception in the first half while the offense scored just seven points.

If you view Bagent as someone like Gardner Minshew, you have to love what he can do in a spot start or two. However, this is not who will get into the shootout with Justin Herbert. Fans need to accept that right now.