4 reasons to buy the Chicago Bears turning it around this season

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Chicago Bears v Kansas City Chiefs, Jaylon Johnson
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3. The Chicago Bears can get pieces back in their secondary

The Chicago Bears won this game despite a depleted secondary. Rookie Tyrique Stevenson was picked on at times, Jaquan Brisker was playing despite not being 100%, and the team had backups on the outside and at safety with Elijah Hicks, who missed a couple of tackles and was in defense on both touchdown passes.

This was supposed to be the strength of the Chicago Bears roster. Right now, it has been a weakness. Still, Terell Smith is getting needed playing time and is stepping up. Stevenson gets tested but gets better every week. More than that, the team could get Jaylon Johnson, Kyler Gordon, and Eddie Jackson back soon.

This extended time off could do them all well. Gordon was not expected back until this time, but the other two are more questionable with their time framer. Either way, if they can start to get these guys back, it will do wonders.

The depth of the secondary is already improving, so if the talent gets better on the high end, we could see things come together quickly.