4 reasons to buy the Chicago Bears turning it around this season

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Justin Fields
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2. The Chicago Bears have something in Justin Fields to DJ Moore

We heard all summer that the connection between D.J. Moore and Justin Fields was special. It seemed like the Chicago Bears did not want to force things early, but in the last two weeks, it has been all Moore, and it has led to monster games.

Moore has 20 targets, and he turned that into 16 catches for 361 yards and four touchdowns. That is elite-level ability. Justin Fields has his issues, and the playmakers behind Moore are still not being lifted up because of Moore. Still, Moore and Fields have something that can win games.

When you think of the first four games, the Bears had two chances to win games against the Bucs and the Broncos in the final seconds, and they lost. However, if Fields and Moore can start clicking on those last-second drives, some of those close games can be flipped very quickly. If that happened earlier, the Bears could be 3-2.

So, maybe the Bears play like a team that is 3-2 the rest of the way. If they finish 7-5, they would be 8-9, which would be respectable for a finish after how things started.