4 reasons to buy the Chicago Bears turning it around this season

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Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy, Matt Eberflus
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1. The Chicago Bears got better after an early Thursday Night game last year

If you recall, last season around this time, the Chicago Bears had a bad record and were reeling off of a Thursday Night game. While the wins did not come in bunches, the Bears did start to turn things around right after that game, and the offense caught fire right after that.

Luke Getsy credited the mini-bye and a chance to self-evaluate and make changes based on where they stood. So, the Bears are in a spot where they get this mini-bye again. The good news is that it looks like the Chicago Bears started to make some changes before the mini-bye this year. The bad news is that they are sitting at 1-4 and should have caught onto some things before this point.

Still, if the Bears do improve like they did last year, it is fair to say that the roster is better, so the wins may end up coming a bit more than they did last year as well.

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Again, 7-5 the rest of the way gets them to 8-9, which is not a winning season. Still, that would be a great finish for this team, and it should be a realistic goal that they have as they have some time off before a winnable division game at home.