3 reasons Chicago Bears will beat Minnesota Vikings, 3 reasons they will lose

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Minnesota Vikings, Brian Flores
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Chicago Bears will lose reason 2: Brian Flores can shut down Justin Fields

Another mismatch in favor of the Minnesota Vikings is defensive coordinator Brian Flores. As we noted, the defense is down a lot of bodies. That has not mattered to Flores all season when you consider he has been rebuilding this defense on the fly. 

Flores sends complicated looks in coverage and puts the quarterback in tough spots where he has to think quick. He will stack the line with eight, and then drop or rush any of them to create pressure. 

Despite the issues with talent, the Vikings rank 10th overall in defensive EPA allowed. They blitz 47% of the time, which leads the league. The next highest is 40%, and the third highest is 38%, nearly 10% less. 

Justin Fields struggled the first time these two teams played and got injured while scrambling for his life due to confusion. Fields had time to learn from his mistakes, but Flores is the master. Can he avoid the key turnovers?