3 reasons Chicago Bears will beat Minnesota Vikings, 3 reasons they will lose

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Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions, Justin Fields
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Chicago Bears will win reason 1: Justin Fields is still better than Joshua Dobbs

Justin Fields may or may not be the franchise guy, but he is still better than Joshua Dobbs. This sounds insane when you consider what Dobbs has done this season, but most of that is perception-based. Fields was supposed to be better and is disappointing while there were no expectations for Joshua Dobbs this year and he is now surprising many. 

Still, this year Fields has a 93.3 passer rating and averages 5.59 adjusted net yards per attempt. On the flip side, Dobbs has an 84.7 passer rating, and 5.28 ANY/A. Fields has 12 touchdowns in seven games, Dobbs has 12 touchdowns in 10 games. 

It is fair to point out that Dobbs is averaging 6.41 ANY/A for Minnesota with a 94.4 passer rating. He also started hot in Arizona before falling off. For as much as he came into those spots cold, defenses were cold because they had no tape to prepare for. 

In his first four games with Arizona he averaged 8.19 ANY/A, with a 99.4 passer rating, even better than Minnesota. However, in the following four games he was down to 4.27 ANY/A with a 65.5 passer rating. He has been known to get figured out over time. 

Lastly, Fields is just now playing his best football. It makes sense when you consider his line is healthier, and the playmakers look better than ever. In the three games prior to his injury and the one game after his return he is at a 116.5 passer rating with nine touchdowns to two interceptions. Even with the hot run that Dobbs is on, the current run Fields is on actually is better. Do not be surprised if Dobbs comes down to earth, and Fields keeps ascending.