3 reasons Chicago Bears have to move on from Justin Fields

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1. Moving on from Justin Fields gives the Chicago Bears more quarterback options 

The Chicago Bears have an interesting decision to make with their offensive coordinator. While they will interview candidates and get their input on the quarterback, it is hard to see them hire a coordinator without a firm decision on what to do with Justin Fields. 

There are only so many coordinators who would want the job if Fields were the quarterback because you have to limit your playbook and lean into the running game. This fits different styles but is not a common offensive style. 

Meanwhile, if they draft a quarterback, they could go in any direction with their offensive coordinator. The pool gets wider because the options are stronger, and their job status is much more stable because they are not coaching a quarterback in a make-or-break year; they are starting fresh. 

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The Chicago Bears can force Fields on candidates and not find the best one. Or, they can cast a wide net, hire the best candidate, and let him draft his favorite quarterback to work around. It is hard to see the Bears making the move to an offensive coordinator while committing to Justin Fields long-term and having it work out smoothly next year when expectations ramp up. They should just move on.