3 reasons Chicago Bears have to move on from Luke Getsy

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While the Chicago Bears have yet to make a decision on Luke Getsy and his future with the Chicago Bears, there are plenty of reasons to understand why the team may not want to bring him back. What are the biggest issues from the past two years?

3. Luke Getsy did not set up Justin Fields to succeed 

The best offensive coordinators in the NFL are the ones who know who is on their roster and get the most out of them. They do not force players into their scheme if they do not fit, but rather, they mold their scheme around the players. The coordinators have to be the ones who are willing to change. Luke Getsy has been hesitant of that. 

You could see from day one that his ideal quarterback is not Justin Fields. Getsy wanted to run an offense where the quarterback was methodical, made quick reads, and checked the ball down to get it out quickly. That is the exact opposite of Justin Fields. 

It shows when the team signed Trevor Siemian and Nathan Peterman to be the backups to Fields. They are nothing like him stylistically, but they are everything Getsy wants from backups. 

The Bears' offense sputtered for the first six weeks of the 2022 season, and then Getsy started to call plays for Justin Fields' skill set, and they played better. In 2023, the thought was that Getsy learned his lesson, but the first five or six weeks were still the same offense from early 2022. 

Even after Justin Fields came back from his injury, you could see that Getsy did not have faith in him. He relied heavily on screens and the run game rather than letting Fields show what he can do. 

He held back Justin Fields, and his playcalling is a part of the reason why the Fields' decision is so muddy. That is not what you want to bring back.