3 reasons Chicago Bears have to move on from Luke Getsy

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2. The additions to the Chicago Bears tied to Luke Getsy were duds

Luke Getsy came from the Green Bay Packers. That is why it was not much of a surprise when the Chicago Bears started to sign multiple former Packers players. First, they signed Lucas Patrick and Equanimeous St. Brown. This year, they added Robert Tonyan and Marcedes Lewis. None of them have worked out with the Chicago Bears. 

Patrick was the biggest signing and the biggest dud. Getsy just worked with him the year prior and appears to have vouched for him to be the starting center. That was an awful decision from the jump. St. Brown has been one of the best additions, but that is only because of blocking and special teams. He is always brought up as the reason the Bears do not have enough pass catchers. 

Robert Tonyan had a career-low across the board, and while Lewis was fine as a blocker, that is all he brings to the table. The tight end depth was never good enough for this team to lean on the run game in the ways that they should. 

Getsy is too stuck on what he knows. He has to run the offense he knows and will not spread his thoughts out with Fields. He has to bring in personnel he knows, even if they could have signed better options. You do not want to hear things like stubbornness or lack of open-mindedness when it comes to the offensive coordinator, but Chicago had that in the past two years.