3 reasons Chicago Bears have to move on from Luke Getsy

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1. The Chicago Bears have to start fresh on offense 

As we noted, Justin Fields's connection with Luke Getsy has to end one way or the other. Maybe Fields stays, and Getsy goes, or Getsy stays, and Fields goes, but they cannot return together after what the offense put together. 

So, the Bears could move on from Fields, which is starting to feel more likely. If they do, can they really bring back Luke Getsy? If they move on from Fields, it means drafting a quarterback. Are the characteristics we gave to Getsy in the past slides worth bringing to a rookie quarterback? If they drafted Caleb Williams, he would not fit what Getsy wants from his quarterback. 

More than that, the quarterback would be starting fresh with a coordinator on the hot seat. If things did not work for Getsy and the rookie, the staff and front office would have to have a quick leash to pull, considering how things went this time around. 

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If they draft a quarterback, the smart thing would be to hire a coordinator specifically for him and have them come in fresh together. If they bring back Fields, Getsy is gone. They have to move on from Luke Getsy.