3 reasons for Chicago Bears to keep hope alive this season

There are reasons to think that the Bears will be better than week one

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After a devastating loss to the Green Bay Packers, it is easy for the Chicago Bears to call it a season. While that has been the case before, we have also seen the Bears lose in week one to the Packers to follow it up by winning the division or making the playoffs. So, if the Bears do turn it around, what are some reasons to believe that things could get better before they play the Packers again?

3. The Chicago Bears have a good secondary

Lost in the fact that the Chicago Bears did not do enough on the defensive line this offseason is the reality that they have a good secondary. The Green Bay Packers controlled the line of scrimmage, but Jordan Love did not have many big passes. Romeo Doubs had two touchdowns, but he had under 30 yards receiving.

Aaron Jones and Luke Musgrave led the team in receiving, and according to PFF, the leaders in yards allowed were TJ Edwards, Tremaine Edmunds, and Jack Sanborn. This makes sense, considering where the Packers got their yards.

Meanwhile, PFF credited Jaylon Johnson for 13 yards and Tyrique Stevenson with five yards allowed. Jaquan Brisker did not allow a catch. Eddie Jackson allowed a touchdown in man coverage, but he was excellent in his role as a free safety who keeps things in front of him.

Even Kyler Gordon was good, although he left the game with an injury. The defensive line is going to be an issue, but Yannick Ngakoue will get his stats at times. The linebackers cannot be this awful. The Chicago Bears will also face some teams that are not as strong up front, and it may allow the secondary to shine. Finally, we should anticipate Jackson creating turnovers and Brisker stuffing the stat sheet like last year. If the Bears' defense does get better, it is because of this unit.