3 reasons Chicago Bears keeping Matt Eberflus will prove to be the wrong decision

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The Chicago Bears decided to keep Matt Eberflus as their head coach, with the big movies coming from the offensive side of the coaching staff. Ryan Poles has defended Matt Eberflus throughout the year and did so again in the post-season press conference. 

While Poles has made some moves worth defending, there are some that should be questioned as well, and this one could be one of the moves that end up being questioned. Why could this end up backfiring against the Chicago Bears?

3. Chicago Bears remain unaligned at head coach and quarterback 

The Chicago Bears have failed to find alignment in their quarterback room. First, they had John Fox, who had his baggage and reputation with ownership drafting Mitch Trubisky. Fox was fired quickly, and Trubisky had to go through a new coaching staff.

Matt Nagy did not draft Trubisky, so he got the chance to draft Justin Fields. Still, Fields came into a coaching staff that had baggage from years prior, and after his rookie season, this staff was fired. 

Now, Matt Eberflus has come into a situation where he has inherited Justin Fields. This is becoming the same thing as in the past. Eberflus will get to draft a quarterback, but his past struggles will be highlighted even more when the rookie struggles. 

So, Eberflus will have a short leash as head coach, and the new quarterback will have to adjust to a new coaching staff. The reason to move on from Eberflus was to start fresh as both head coach and quarterback. 

Maybe the Chicago Bears will keep Justin Fields, but if they do not, it is almost exactly like the last two head coaches.