3 reasons Chicago Bears keeping Matt Eberflus will prove to be the wrong decision

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2. Matt Eberflus is a better defensive coordinator than offensive coordinator 

When Ryan Poles was asked about the Chicago Bears' failures to close out games, he deflected the answer. When he was asked about the loss to the Green Bay Packers, he said his team was not there yet. 

The Packers are much younger than the Bears, and if the team closed out games against the Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, and Denver Broncos, they would be in the playoffs. Even two would be a winning season and likely a playoff game right now.

That comes down to coaching. It is great that Eberflus may or may not be learning on the fly, but right now, it looks like there is no progress. Yes, the team finished 5-3, but one of those late-game collapses and a loss to the Packers were a part of the three losses down the stretch. 

Matt Eberflus is a great defensive coordinator, and the defense got better as the year went on. However, it is clear that his head coaching skills were also the difference between this team making the playoffs and not. 

If the Bears' offense improves and they make the playoffs, will these game-management situations come up to hurt him again? Will there be excuses for him in that spot?