3 reasons Chicago Bears must make Matt Eberflus the first coach fired

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Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus
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1. The Chicago Bears culture is not improved

Even more than the defensive things, Matt Eberflus swore that he was going to bring culture to Halas Hall. He talked about how he would let Alan Williams control the defense despite that being his specialty. Eberflus wanted to be the CEO, the leader of the defense. So far, he has been anything but that.

The Chicago Bears went out of their way to pass on guys such as George Pickens and Jalen Carter for the culture. However, they turned around and signed Yannick Ngakoue, a mercenary who misses a ton of tackles, and Chase Claypool, who was already called out by the coaching staff for his poor effort in week one.

You saw the Kansas City Chiefs game, was that a team ready to ride and die with their head coach? Was the effort fully there? Eberflus preaches Hustle, Intensity, Technique, and Smarts. The Bears did not hustle or play intensely. They lack technique and have too many penalties and miscues to be smart. This team called a timeout to start a drive from a touchback. This is a disgrace.

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Everything Matt Eberflus said two years ago ended up being wrong. The Bears can give him until the end of the year if they would like but he hardly deserves it.