3 reasons the Chicago Bears may not be active at the trade deadline

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Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears, Jaylon Johnson
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2. The Chicago Bears should keep the player who will get the most in return

The Chicago Bears are not fielding many calls for their players, but one name that has to be getting attention is Jaylon Johnson. Johnson is in a contract year, and while he was injured a few weeks ago, he has now played three straight games. The last two are some of the best that we have seen, and his stock is trending up in a big way.

He always had the coverage stats to compete with the top cornerbacks in the NFL, but his ball skills were lacking. This year, he has two interceptions and a pick-six. Just showing teams that he has that ceiling is valuable. However, it may be so valuable that the team cannot let him leave.

The Bears have reportedly been in discussions with Jaylon Johnson on a contract extension. He is 24 years old and plays one of the most valuable positions in the NFL. He was a tier below the top cornerbacks, but his play in recent weeks suggests he can be that player. Losing Johnson would be too similar to losing Roquan Smith in that they would just need to spend in free agency to replace him anyway, and the replacement may not be as good. You do not let good players like Johnson go unless the price tag is far too much.