3 reasons Chicago Bears return for Justin Fields may be disappointing 

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1. Teams know the Chicago Bears are desperate 

If the Chicago Bears draft a quarterback, it is pretty obvious what they are going to do with Justin Fields. That is probably why it is best for them to trade Fields before the NFL draft. The reality is that this is a buyer and seller market. When everyone knows that you need to sell, why offer the most?

At some point, there will be a team who thinks the price is worth it and takes a swing on Justin Fields. However, at the time, most teams should be playing this cool. They realize that as much as they need a quarterback, the Bears need to get rid of Fields. Teams can all the Chicago Bears bluff for the time being until the price drops to a point where it is worth it. 

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Will the Bears have enough teams interested to create a buyers' market, or does the market start to bottom out? Both are on the table.