3 reasons Chicago Bears should move on from Matt Eberflus

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2. The Chicago Bears have the worst coach in the division 

Through two seasons, the Chicago Bears sit at 2-10 in the division. They are 0-4 against the Green Bay Packers and 1-3 against the other two teams. Matt Eberflus may have saved his job by winning the second games against Minnesota and Detroit this season. This, the loss to the Green Bay Packers, showed us once again that Eberflus is not ready to be a head coach.

He was outclassed by Matt LeFleur, a common theme when these two square off. Dan Campbell has two fourth-quarter comebacks against the Bears, where his team outgritted the Bears despite the Bears clearly being the better team.

The Bears have also struggled with Kevin O’Connell and Brian Flores, who may end up leaving soon. Still, when you rank the three coaches, it is clear who is worse. The other three are young, up and coming, and appear to have the beat on Eberflus already. 

The Chicago Bears job may never be more desirable. It would be smart to see if they can bring in a head coach who will not struggle against his division foes.