3 reasons Chicago Bears should move on from Matt Eberflus

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1. The Chicago Bears lose games because of coaching 

The Chicago Bears are 7-10, but it easily could have been 10-7. Could have, should have, would have, but these are the issues that fall squarely on Matt Eberflus. 

The Bears had chances to beat the Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, and Cleveland Browns. All of them saw poor coaching cost them in the fourth quarter. The Chicago Bears are 3-13 in one-score games. Even in 2022, they had three straight games in the middle of the season against Dallas, Miami, and Atlanta, where they had every chance to win but came up flat when it mattered. When it is close, the small things along the margins matter.

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That is where coaching has crushed this team. When you can rattle off six fourth-quarter leads that could have easily been won if the game was managed better, you cannot just say this is a talent issue or a growing team. They could have won six games in 2022 and 10 games in 2023, and that would be the right track for the rebuild. The difference between 16 wins in two years and ten wins in two years comes down to Eberflus not being good enough.