3 reasons Chicago Bears should upset the Detroit Lions

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The Chicago Bears should have beat the Detroit Lions in Detroit

When these two teams played just about three weeks ago, one team was better than the other. It was not the team who won the game and the team with the better record. It was the Bears. It does not matter because Chicago did not win, but if they played that game ten times over, the Bears would have won seven or eight of those games. 

Now, Chicago comes in healthier, and Detroit comes in more banged up. When you look at the matchups, both teams live to run the ball and stop the run. However, Chicago is running the ball well, while Detroit is not stopping the run. Detroit is running well, but Chicago is the best run defense they will face, and they are now getting banged up upfront. 

The Bears' secondary is playing their best right now, and the Lions' secondary is playing their worst. Justin Fields may be the hotter quarterback than Jared Goff. 

The Lions were trending better, and they had the winning philosophy down, but the Bears were quickly ascending and could show that they were the better team once again.