3 reasons Chicago Bears should upset the Detroit Lions

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Jared Goff is not good in cold weather games

The weather is not bad right now, but it is going to be cold by Sunday afternoon in Chicago. With the wind coming in off of the lake, it will not be the best conditions for the California kid. Going to the Detroit Lions, who play in a dome, has masked the idea that Jared Goff has gotten tougher in the NFC North. 

The reality is that he still struggles in cold weather; he just has not had as many since coming to Detroit. Sunday should be a test for Jared Goff.  

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He gets a pass rush that is improving, but his offensive line is starting to struggle. The Bears' secondary has never been healthier than they will be on Sunday. The conditions are set up for Goff to have a bad day at the office. Can the Chicago Bears take advantage and pull off the upset?