3 reasons the Chicago Bears shouldn't pursue Mike Evans in free agency

The Chicago Bears have a need at wide receiver, and although Mike Evans could hit free agency, the Bears should stay away.

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Chicago Bears' Reason No. 1: Mike Evans' age is a big factor

As of Feb. 19, 2024, Mike Evans is 30 years old, and he'll be close to 31 years old by the start of the 2024 NFL season.

When discussing players in their prime, rarely is that player in their thirties. For playmakers, that likelihood drops even lower. In this case, Mike Evans could be close to retirement.

After this most recent season, Mike Evans has been in the NFL for a decade. That's a long time to do most jobs, let alone playing in the NFL as a wide receiver. Considering the quarterbacks Mike Evans has played with, the production he created is impressive. In fact, Evans is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' all-time leading receiver in franchise history with 11,680 receiving yards.

But does that mean the Bears should strike now? No.

The accomplishments and accolades filling Evans' trophy case are a reason to believe he's an incredible receiver. But, for a team trying to build a Super Bowl contender, it might not make sense to go out and get a receiver who's going to be 31 next season.

Of the top 20 receivers in receiving yards, only four of them are 30 years old or older. One of those four: Mike Evans. Wide receivers just don't usually play at a high level once they've cracked 30 years old, and that trend likely isn't changing anytime soon.

In the Chicago Bears' quest for greatness, Mike Evans' age might keep him out of the equation.