3 reasons the Chicago Bears shouldn't pursue Mike Evans in free agency

The Chicago Bears have a need at wide receiver, and although Mike Evans could hit free agency, the Bears should stay away.

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Chicago Bears' Reason No. 3: This draft class is full of wide receivers

On day one of the 2024 season, Mike Evans would likely be better than most— if not all— of the receivers in this upcoming draft class. Even with that, the Chicago Bears shouldn't be inclined to sign Mike Evans in free agency for $30-million per year.

Whether it be trading up for Marvin Harrison Jr., or hoping Malik Nabers or Rome Odunze are available at No. 9, the Bears have plenty of opportunities to bring in receiver talent.

Plus, it's not just these three receivers who should intrigue NFL general managers. There are a plethora of NFL-caliber receivers in this draft class, and that's becoming the norm, year-after-year.

It's becoming a true testimant to Ryan Poles as a team-builder that his ideology is to build through the draft. That said, it makes more sense for him to draft a receiver, or multiple, than to sign Mike Evans to a money-rich contract.

It's rare to draft a receiver who has over 11,000 recieving yards and 94 TDs over 10 seasons, but the hope is to draft someone similar and be able to pay them for a fraction of the price.

The Chicago Bears, if they decide to keep Justin Fields, could also double-dip in the wide receiver pool, drafting both Marvin Harrison Jr. and either Malik Nabers or Rome Odunze. Those three receivers are likely the three best, and being able to draft two of them would be franchise-altering in an incredibly positive way.


The only issue will be when it's time to pay both receivers after four consecutive first-team All-Pro performances by both drafted receivers.

In all seriousness, though, the ideology of drafting unproven talent over paying proven talent is a debate as old as time. Whether the Chicago Bears will change their philosophies over Mike Evans, who's to say? For that answer, we'll have to stay tuned to Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears this off season.