3 reasons the Chicago Bears trade for Chase Claypool was a disaster from the start

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The Chase Claypool era with the Chicago Bears appears to be officially over. The team has been telling Claypool to stay away, and as he is set to miss his second game, the odds are that he will not play another snap for this franchise. A lot of fans were excited when the Bears traded a second round pick, but we had our reservations from the start. Here is why.

3. The Chicago Bears acted out of desperation

This was always a decision made out of desperation, which never is a great sign. The Chicago Bears went through the offseason and the draft and did not address wide receiver. Many wondered if Ryan Poles set Justin Fields up to fail, but after Fields showed flashes with no weapons, he felt as though he owed him a little bit more than that.

So, he overspent for a wide receiver like Chase Claypool. We have heard the story before, but Poles had every chance to draft George Pickens, who is ascending in year two with the Pittsburgh Steelers. At that time, Poles thought that receiver was not much of a need, and he was sticking to his board. However, when it came time to trade for Claypool, he overspent for a depressed asset, showing us that he did not stick to the same value chart as his draft options.

The Steelers ended up with pick 32 and drafted cornerback Joey Porter Jr. Both Porter and Pickens have done more this year than Kyler Gordon and Chase Claypool. The patient team lets things come to them. The Chicago Bears felt a desperation to take Gordon over Pickens, immediately regretted the decision, and lost out on a chance at Porter to add Claypool.

This is not the attitude you want to see from your General Manager.