3 reasons the Chicago Bears trade for Chase Claypool was a disaster from the start

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Chicago Bears, Chase Claypool
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2. The Chicago Bears ignored a locker room concern with Chase Claypool

One of the biggest reasons the Pittsburgh Steelers were ready to trade Chase Claypool was because his attitude was not fitting the culture and locker room. He had multiple plays during his second season that showed that his head was not in the game.

Claypool was more concerned with how he looked during the game than how he actually played. There were multiple times when Mike Tomlin made remarks to the media explaining he did not like the way that Claypool conducted himself. This is what made it even more confusing when the Chicago Bears traded for him.

The Chicago Bears went out of their way to build up a culture, or at least that is what they said. When they passed on George Pickens, everyone said it was to build up the locker room. The same was said with Jalen Carter. Why was the same not said with Chase Claypool?

Chicago Bears fans tell themselves that Pickens can only succeed in a culture like the Steelers, but the Steelers told the Bears that Claypool was not a fit for their culture, and the Bears still took him on.

Most Steelers fans are sitting around and reading the Claypool news and saying I told you so. This is a bad outcome but not an unexpected one.