3 reasons Chicago Bears trading for Montez Sweat was smart, 3 reasons it was foolish

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Smart Reason 2: The Chicago Bears can build a future around Montez Sweat

Montez Sweat helps the short term, which is arguable whether that matters. However, he also helps the long term. Montez Sweat is only 27 years old. That is a little older than you would want for someone coming off of their rookie contract, but it shows that he has good years ahead of him, and the Chicago Bears are there for that.

So, while the team is losing some long-term hope with a younger player, they get a player who is proven but also a player who is young enough to have a future. The Bears have two first-round picks still, and their defense has shown moments when they have gotten healthy. If Teven Jenkins and Nate Davis can stay healthy and they hit on their high picks, this is a roster that could turn it around quickly. So, they could have a rookie taken with a top-40 pick who is up and down and showing flashes, or they can have prime Montez Sweat. The Chicago Bears went with the latter.