3 reasons Chicago Bears trading for Montez Sweat was smart, 3 reasons it was foolish

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Foolish Reason 1: Was Montez Sweat the best option the Chicago Bears could add?

This goes back to the reality that the Bears will have to franchise tag Montez Sweat and then pay him like an elite pass rusher. That is fine because they have the money, but is he an elite pass rusher, or are they just accepting that they overpaid in draft cost and eventually contract?

His pass rush win rate is the best among the Chicago Bears, but he ranks 38th in the NFL, per PFF. Chase Young is at 18.4%, while Sweat is at 10.6%. He is 22nd in pressure as well. Names like Danielle Hunter and Chase Young were better options, with trade rumors floated around them. It is easier to accept paying the high price for those names.

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Sweat could be argued as a top 20 edge rusher at the top of his game. The Bears are going to pay him like he is in the top 10 or top five. They are desperate and may not have been able to find better, but we have to accept that they made a move out of desperation; they overpaid, and that is not a good combination.