3 reasons Chicago Bears can trust Ryan Poles going forward

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The Chicago Bears have cap space and draft picks this offseason 

When Ryan Poles took over the Bears, he knew he had to press the reset button. The team had limited draft capital and almost no cap space because Ryan Pace went all-in to win with Mitch Trubisky and Khalil Mack. So, it took him some time to re-write the books. 

Now that Poles took that one year to get things in order, the Bears have been in a great position for two straight years now. Poles turned the number one overall pick into a heap of assets last year, and they had the most cap space in the NFL.

This offseason, they are projected to have the sixth most cap space, which is still a large amount. Poles spent last offseason but did not do anything to jeopardize their long-term stability. Also, the Bears have more draft capital than the year before, and they had the number one overall pick the year before. 

Still, now they have two picks that will be in the top ten this year. 

A year after Ryan Poles made one of the greatest trades ever, the Bears are seeing the benefits in a big way. They have the star wideout, and they have the big-time picks. There is no way you can move on from Poles after these types of successes.