3 reasons Chicago Bears can trust Tyson Bagent to play better vs Las Vegas Raiders

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Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears, DJ Moore
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2. The Las Vegas Raiders defense can be exposed by the Chicago Bears star wide out

The Chicago Bears have to get Tyson Bagent and D.J. Moore on the same page. We saw against the Washington Commanders that if the secondary is weak enough, it can be exposed. Both Jakorian Bennett and Marcus Peters have had issues this season. Peters is too old and lost a step while Bennett is too young and the rookie gets picked on. They both have three penalties this year, and receivers have beaten them throughout the season.

Gabe Davis had 92 yards, George Pickens hit 75 yards, Josh Palmer hit 77 yards, Christian Watson hit 91 yards, and Kendrick Bourne hit 89 yards. This group is not quite Washington bad, but they can be exposed by someone like D.J. Moore in a similar way.

Sometimes, it can be as simple as a screen to Moore. Or, against Washington, Fields just had to stand in the pocket and wait for Moore to run his double move and then throw the ball up. A lot of the passing production Justin Fields had this year was because D.J. Moor was making him look good, not the other way around. If Bagent forces the ball to Moore this weekend, the Raiders may not have the talent in the back end to do anything about it.