3 reasons Chicago Bears can trust Tyson Bagent to play better vs Las Vegas Raiders

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1. Will the Las Vegas Raiders look past the Chicago Bears?

This one may be looking a bit too deep. However, when you look at the Las Vegas Raiders schedule, this looks like a down spot. The team had a Monday Night Football game at home against the Green Bay Packers. The Raiders won an emotional game that went down to the end, and they shushed Packers fans despite playing at home.

Then, the Raiders saw Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots. Most of you know about Josh McDaniels and his relationship with that team. It had to be a Super Bowl-like win for the Raiders. When you look at their next game, they are back on Monday Night Football against the Detroit Lions.

Fresh off two wins that is a big game to look forward to. The Raiders coaches do not have much tape on Tyson Bagent as it is. They could waste time on Shepheard video, or they could look ahead to Detroit and hope that their defense can beat Bagent with vanilla looks. It would not be a shocking move.

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Can Bagent lose to the Raiders just by showing vanilla looks? Yes. However, this may not be as challenging as Brian Flores dialing it up in a must-win division game. We will see.