5 reasons the Chicago Bears can upset the Las Vegas Raiders

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The Chicago Bears are 1-5 and are starting a rookie UDFA at quarterback for the first time on Sunday. Still, they are only three-point underdogs, signaling that this could be a good game. Are the Las Vegas Raiders that bad, or is there a reason to think the Chicago Bears can win this game?

5. D.J. Moore can still have success for the Chicago Bears

D.J. Moore was in the midst of the best year of his career with Justin Fields. Still, even with Tyson Bagent, there are reasons to assume that he will play well. The list of his quarterbacks with the Carolina Panthers includes Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, Taylor Heinicke, Kyle Allen, Will Grier, Teddy Bridgewater, and P.J. Walker. Still, he put up multiple 1,000-yard seasons and was always viewed as the top pass catcher in the offense. He has been able to produce in these situations.

He also is in a good spot matchup-wise. He gets Jakorian Bennett, a third-round rookie who has had ups and downs this season. Across from Bennett is Marcus Peters, who is a shell of his old self. Teams cannot decide which player to attack more. Moore has had success against some good cornerbacks, but his best games have come against these lesser talented players.

Some of the big plays he made against Washington had nothing to do with who his quarterback was. Any quarterback could have hit him on some of the passes, and a lot of the time, he was getting work done after the catch. The Chicago Bears will feed D.J. Moore this week, and he may still have success. That may be enough points to win the game.