5 reasons the Chicago Bears can upset the Las Vegas Raiders

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Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus
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1. Are the Chicago Bears in a good schedule spot against the Las Vegas Raiders?

The Las Vegas Raiders will have a backup quarterback of their own, so it is not like they will look ahead of this game. However, when you break down their schedule, this is definitely a soft spot, and it will be interesting to see if Josh McDaniels can motivate his team this week. Their last two weeks were big games.

They beat the Green Bay Packers, and Davante Adams got revenge on his old team. It was a Monday Night Football game, too. Then, they beat the New England Patriots and Josh McDaniels got revenge on his old team. It was the Sunday afternoon game with Jim Nantz and Tony Romo, and there were more players on the Raiders who were former Patriots, including both Jimmy Garoppolo and Brian Hoyer.

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So, coming off of two emotional highs, the team has to get excited for a road game in Chicago. For a West Coast team, they will be playing at 10 AM, and the conditions will be a lot colder than the Las Vegas heat. Are they ready for this? Looking ahead, they have a huge game against the Lions on primetime next week. As we noted, without tape on Tyson Bagent, do the Raiders get a jump start on the Lions and hope that the vanilla game plan works? Do the Raiders sleep through this game and hope the Bears give it up? At the least, the Bears should keep this close, regardless of quarterback.