3 reasons Jaylon Johnson is an All-Pro lock for the Chicago Bears

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The Chicago Bears did not sign Jaylon Johnson before the season. Whether the Bears were waiting to see if Johnson could perform better or if Johnson was betting on his skill set to make him more money this year, it ended up working out in a big way. Not only is Johnson having the best year of his career, he is having a year that will have him listed as one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL. Jaylon Johnson should make the All-Pro team this year. Here is why. 

3. Jaylon Johnson is not allowing yards for the Chicago Bears

Jaylon Johnson missed three games, but when he was on the field, teams did not target him. He leads the NFL in snaps per target, tied with Sauce Gardner. That is because he is not giving up any yards. Johnson is currently allowing 0.36 yards per coverage snap. That is the best in the NFL. For perspective, Sauce Gardner is second at 0.47, Jalen Ramsey is fourth with 0.56, and Marlon Humphrey is fifth at 0.6. These are some of the top cornerbacks in the NFL, and Johnson is not just in the same stat range as them; he is much better than them at the top. 

Even when he is targeted, it does not result in yards. Johnson leads the NFL in yards per target among qualified cornerbacks, allowing 3.8 yards per target. The next best is Michael Carter at 4.3.

L’Jarius Sneed, Sauce Gardner, and Jalen Ramsey round out the top five, while Marlon Humphrey is eighth. Still, Humphrey is at 6 yards per target, showing how much better Jaylon Johnson is compared to his peers. 

Most analysts would have Humphrey, Ramsey, Gardner, and Sneed in the conversation for the All-Pro every year. Johnson is not only with them, he looks better. While those names are more known because this is not the first year they have been ranked this highly, they do not have the same caliber of season that Jaylon Johnson is.