3 reasons Jaylon Johnson is an All-Pro lock for the Chicago Bears

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1. Teams avoid targeting Jaylon Johnson 

One of the biggest compliments paid to Johnson is how far teams go out of their way to avoid him. For example, rookie cornerback Tyrique Stevenson is fourth in the NFL in targets allowed. That includes Stevenson missing one week and platooning the last three weeks with fellow rookie Terell Smith.

He ranks second in targets per coverage snaps. Stevenson has not been a nightmare this year, and for how often he gets targeted, he has started to come alive in recent weeks. Still, this is not about Stevenson and more about Johnson. 

When Johnson is against a certain wide receiver, teams will just go the other way. This is the ultimate sign of respect for a cornerback: the fact that he is not tested and that teams will force the ball anywhere else. 

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Jaylon Johnson followed Adam Thielen at times in the Chicago Bears win over the Carolina Panthers. He has not been asked to do it much, but when a team just has one target, he has shown he can shut down that option all game. There is not much that Johnson has not shown this season when discussing the chances of him making the All-Pro team. The only thing holding him back would be a lack of name recognition.