5 reasons Los Angelas Chargers may bring Chicago Bears back down to earth

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Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers, Austin Ekeler
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4. Austin Ekeler is the best running back the Chicago Bears have seen in a while

The Chicago Bears' defense was about average when the team was going through its worst stretch on defense. It was mainly the pass defense being destroyed. Now that the pass defense has improved, the run defense has moved into the top ten territory. Still, this may be back to the units they have faced.

Aaron Jones torched this unit in week one. Since then, the tests have not been huge. Rachaad White is not a threat, and the Chiefs saw Isaiah Pacehcho and Jerrick McKinnon combine for 117 yards against the Bears' run defense.

The Broncos rushing attack has been below average, and like Washington, they never got a chance to get into it because they were trailing and throwing. The Vikings and the Raiders have some of the worst run games in the NFL.

According to EPA, the Chargers will be the best rushing attack they will face, especially when you factor in that Austin Ekler has missed time. He has been back for the past two weeks and has not broken out yet, but he is the best runner the Bears have seen since Aaron Jones. Will there be similar issues in this game?