5 reasons Los Angelas Chargers may bring Chicago Bears back down to earth

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Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears, Tyrique Stevenson, Jaylon Johnson
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2. The Los Angelas Chargers have faced some tough offenses

The argument for the Chicago Bears to win this game is that the Los Angeles Chargers' defense is bad. However, the issue is that the Chargers defense has been tested. When you look at the Raiders, their defense may have been better on paper, but they played guys like Mac Jones and Jordan Love in recent weeks.

The Chargers have had a tougher stretch. They faced Miami in week one, when they had a few tricks up their sleeve. They got the Vikings with Justin Jefferson and the Titans with Ryan Tannehill. They even saw Treylon Burks healthy. When they faced the Raiders, the Raiders had their starting quarterback.

Then, the Chargers faced Dak Prescott and Patrick Mahomes in back-to-back weeks. Going from Prescott to Mahomes to Bagent will be a lot easier of an adjustment for the Chargers. Beyond that, there is more tape on Bagent now, so the team will be more prepared. The Bears will have to change things up this week because the Chargers defense has a great shot at rebounding.