5 reasons Los Angelas Chargers may bring Chicago Bears back down to earth

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Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus
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1. The Los Angelas Chargers will be hungry

We wrote that the Chicago Bears may upset the Las Vegas Raiders. A lot of the reason was due to a schedule spot. The Raiders just beat Green Bay in a game that Davnate Adams got revenge on his old team. They did it on Monday Night Football, an emotional game in front of the masses. Then, a bunch of former Patriots played a tight game with their former team. The Raiders won both and had the Detroit Lions on Prime Time following a game with the Bears. Of all four games, of course, Chicago is the game that they failed to get up for.

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For the Chargers, they are playing for their season. As noted, their schedule has been tough and they have not had many breaks. They are going from two of the best teams in the NFL to one of the worst. This team needs every win and is not coming off of two straight wins. They will be locked in and playing as if this is a playoff game, where the Raiders had a letdown after two playoff-type performances. Look for the Chicago Bears to feel high off of a home victory and lose to a Chargers team that finally gets a soft spot in the schedule and takes advantage.