3 reasons Matt Eberflus is already in over his head as Chicago Bears head coach

The Chicago Bears head coach looks lost through two weeks

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The Chicago Bears are sitting at 0-2, and things do not look good with the Kansas City Chiefs coming up next. The team needs to rebound in a big way, but it does not feel as though it is coming. It is only the early portion of his second season, but Matt Eberflus is 3-16 as a head coach, and he is staring down another losing season.

There are starting to become a lot of signs that his team is not going to improve. Why should fans be worried about Matt Eberflus?

3. The Chicago Bears have loads of missed tackles and penalties

The biggest thing you hear about with Matt Eberflus for the past two years has been his HITS principle. He preaches hustling, intensity, technique, and smarts on the football field. In his second year, that sounds great, but we have not seen this at all.

The Bears defense ranks eighth in penalties allowed and seventh in yards. Their offense ranks above average, but their penalties have been even costlier, with key false starts or holding penalties that kill drives. W

Worse than that, the Bears' defense ranks second in missed tackles with 21. They are not a sound or crisp team. You could argue they play intense due to the penalties, but they do not play smart or with technique.

The Bears defense ranks last in quarterback hits, and they are worst in quarterback rating allowed. This was supposed to be the strong point of the Matt Eberflus defense, and so far, it is looking worse with every week. Eberflus came in and preached that he would build a team that is sound with fundamentals and playing the right way. This year we have seen anything but, and that has to be alarming now that he has taken the time to bring in his style of players.