3 reasons Matt Eberflus is already in over his head as Chicago Bears head coach

The Chicago Bears head coach looks lost through two weeks

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Matt Eberflus, Chicago Bears
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1. The Chicago Bears need to find an identity

When you think of the Bears roster, you do not think of a strong identity. One of the weird things about the Bears is passing on some players because they do not fit the culture, then adding players such as Chase Claypool and Yannick Ngakoue, who have been disregarded by other teams because they did not fit the culture.

Matt Eberflus is trying to build up the culture with his big decisions, but in the minor ones, he is slapping that idea in the face. Ngakoue was a main culprit of missed tackles, and a couple of them were against Baker Mayfield. He has been questioned for his hustle and intensity on past teams.

Chase Claypool had a sit-down meeting with the coach and GM in week one. However, he still played. Equanimous St. Brown did not, even though he encapsulates the HITS principle. He also is the best blocker between Claypool and Velus Jones, but the Bears keep asking those two to block instead.

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Matt Eberflus is preaching one thing and doing another. When another player gives a little less effort, will he be benched? Will he fear anything? Everything Eberflus talked about was the punishment for situations like these two, but we have seen him let it slide because he needs them on the field. This will not work in the long term.