3 reasons Matt Eberlus has a hotter seat than Ryan Poles with the Chicago Bears

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1. The Chicago Bears do not win close games 

This was an issue in the first year, but fans wrote this off because the team was not good enough. However, this year, it is becoming true that the tight games in the fourth quarter do not go the right way for Chicago. 

This year, the Bears are 2-4 in one-score games. That number could be worse when you consider the team lost by 10 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers only because they gave up a defensive touchdown on their last offensive chance to win the game. 

The Bears had a chance to drive to beat the Bucs, who have turned out to be just as bad as Chicago, if not worse. They had a two-score lead over Denver in the first half and lost by three late. They lost to Minnesota, mainly due to turnovers after a Justin Fields injury. 

The Bears had so many chances to beat a weak Saints team but could not get out of their end of the field, and they had a two-score lead over Detroit in the fourth quarter. 

Just beating the Bucs, Lions, and Broncos would have the Bears at 7-5, which would be the six-seed. Even if they were 6-6 after holding off the Lions and Broncos, they would be 6-6. 

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The roster says that this team should be 7-5 or 6-6, but the coaching held this team back in three or four games, and the record is 4-8 because of this. This is what separates the head coach from the General Manager.