3 reasons Shane Waldron hiring means Chiciago Bears will move on from Justin Fields

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1. The Shane Waldron offense does not fit the best skills of Justin Fields

When noting the biggest differences between the Chicago Bears' offense and the Seattle Seahawks' offense, it was hard to say whether the big difference was Luke Getsy-related or Justin Fields-related. Seattle played more under center, threw more on early downs, and got the ball out a lot quicker.

A lot of the reasons the team ran shotguns, leaned on the run and had their quarterback hold onto the football for so long was because of Justin Fields. Again, this just does not feel like a good marriage between the two. 

Maybe the difference between Waldron and Getsy is that Waldron knows how to change his stripes for the better, while Getsy does not. 

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However, the thought all along is that Matt Eberflus and Ryan Poles did not draft Justin Fields and have waited for a reason to move on and install their more pocket-oriented style of offense. 

The more you look into Shane Waldron, the less you think that Justin Fields will be the Chicago Bears quarterback next year.