Recent news paints a grim picture for the Chicago Bears' plans this offseason

The Chicago Bears have two first-round picks within the top 10 of the 2024 NFL Draft. They are also projected to have the fourth-most salary cap space this offseason. However, with the current market and how certain prospects are projected to fall in the draft, Ryan Poles and the Bears could be in for some disappointment this offseason.

Chicago Bears, DJ Moore
Chicago Bears, DJ Moore / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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The Chicago Bears are sitting pretty with two top-10 draft picks in the 2024 NFL Draft and the fourth-most salary cap space. The roster is coming together nicely since Ryan Poles took over in 2022. Poles himself believes that they have created a strong foundation after stripping everything down, and now they can look to build beyond it.

"This is the first year where I feel like we have set the foundation, and we can build above ground and really put something together that can be special."

Ryan Poles, Chicago Bears GM

A few weeks ago, on The Halas Huddle podcast, we went through each roster position and ranked them with a number ranging from 1 through 4 — 4 meaning the position is extremely strong and can be left as-is, 1 meaning the position is extremely weak and needs to be upgraded. There were not many positions graded as a 4, but we had a decent number of 3s. Unfortunately, there were a few 1s and one of those positions was the WR position.

The Chicago Bears must find a way to upgrade the wide receiver position

Outside of DJ Moore, the only wide receivers of note that the Chicago Bears have under contract are Tyler Scott and Velus Jones. Jones has proven that he doesn't deserve a contract beyond his rookie deal and honestly wouldn't even be on the roster in 2024 if I was running things. Scott had an up-and-down season as a rookie, but the hope here is he should progress nicely in year two. The problem is, you cannot count on him to be anything better than the WR4. As of right now, based on the current roster construction, he'd be the WR2 on this team. Yikes!

Things aren't getting better for Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears.

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