5 biggest risers after Chicago Bears offseason-programs

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Chicago Bears, Terrell Lewis
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4. Terrell Lewis is a sleeper on the Chicago Bears roster

The talk all summer has been and will be that the Chicago Bears did not do enough at edge rusher. They doubled down along the interior and then stuck to their board, making sure not to reach for anyone on day three. This led to them missing out on the position through the entire draft.

Some fans will say that DeMarcus Walker and Rasheem Green can step up, while others will say that Trevis Gipson or Dominique Robinson will be better in a lesser role and with more help. However, not many people were pointing to Terrell Lewis.

The Bears claimed Lewis off waivers last year, and he got minimal time toward the end of the season. He is back and has a real chance to make the roster. On the field, Lewis is a talent. He was drafted in the third round back in 2020 and came from Alabama. The issue he fell and has not stuck is injuries.

As of this very moment, Lewis is healthy. Some of it may be due to Darnell Wright getting welcomed to the NFL, but reports were that Lewis was giving Wright struggles. Lewis was one of the clear winners on the field, and in a wide-open edge rusher room, he now has a decent shot at making the roster. Healthy will be what we are watching and may dictate where he ends up.