5 biggest risers after Chicago Bears offseason-programs

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Noah Sewell, Chicago Bears
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2. Noah Sewell is ready to push Jack Sanborn

The Chicago Bears biggest loser this offseason has been Jack Sanborn. Most of it has been out of his control as well. The Bears signed Tremaine Edmunds, and TJ Edwards, ending any shot he would start in nickel looks.

However, he may even be losing his starting role in the SAM before he even locks it down. Sanborn has spent the offseason rehabbing a foot injury that ended his rookie season prematurely. He is expected to be fine by training camp, and the coaching staff has been clear that he will not lose his job because of the injury.

Still, they must keep reaffirming this because Noah Sewell has looked so good in his place that he may be coming for that spot a lot quicker than some realize. Sewell was drafted on day three, but he has serious talent, and his stock fell this year.

With Sanborn out, the team has had to start Sewell next to Edwards and Edmunds. All reports are that he looks great. Sewell is less experience in the NFL, but he is younger, this front office drafted him, and he is healthy. Sanborn has more experience and won the staff over last year, but he fell to UDFA for a reason, and now he is older with less control and an injury to recover from.

The Chicago Bears may give Sanborn every chance to win the job, but if Noah Sewell progresses even faster, that job could be gone quickly.