5 biggest risers after Chicago Bears offseason-programs

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Gervon Dexter, Chicago Bears

1. Gervon Dexter is showing Chicago Bears what they want to see

There is a misconception when fans talk about Gervon Dexter. Scouts say that he is late off of the football, and that typically has to do with technique and anticipation. Regarding sheer speed and acceleration, Gervon Dexter can fly off of the football.

So, how much of a winner Dexter is probably depends on how you perceive that. If you hear he was slow off of the football and thought that meant he was slow-footed, then Dexter is easily the biggest winner. Either way, he is a winner based on all reports.

Guys like Justin Jones have marveled at the talent Dexter has. Matt Eberflus has talked about how he has his track shoes on, and for his size, he runs everywhere with serious speed. This is what we are talking about. Physically, it is there for Dexter.

The question is whether he can mentally get the reads in his head that allow him to shoot off the football quicker. The coaches have talked about his ability to take things on as well, and some of the issues he has may be down to the college scheme he was asked to run.

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When fans see Dexter up close and personal, some of the questions about his size and speed will be put to rest.